mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012

A proposito dei cattivi fighi dei videogame...

A caso mi sono ricordato che tra i 10 cattivi più bulli di sempre ne mancava ugualmente uno...

Che tra le cose ti spara alcune frasi mica da ridere...
1- It doesn't take the most powerful nations on Earth to create the next global conflict. Just the will of a single man. Peraltro è esattemente quello che fa...

2- All warfare is based on deception. For years, the West's hypocrisy has made the world a battlefield. The corrupt talk, while our brothers and sons spill their own blood. But deceit cuts both ways. The bigger the lie, the more likely people will believe it. And when a nation cries for vengeance, the lie spreads like a wildfire. The fire builds, devouring everything in its path. Our enemies believe that they alone dictate the course of history... And all it takes is the will, of a single man;

3-  Revenge is like a ghost, it takes over every man it touches, its thirst cannot be quenched, untill the last man standing has fallen

E un paio di dialoghi perfetti:

Vladmir Makarov: You know who I am?
President Boris Vorshevsky: Yes.
Makarov: Then you know what I want.
Vorshevsky: You're insane.
Makarov: Russia will take all of Europe, even if it must stand on a pile of ashes. [steps forward] I want the launch codes, Mr. President.
Vorshevsky: You'll never get them.
Makarov: [pause] Every man has his weakness. [to his men] Find the girl.

2 -

Makarov: [Receives a call] Who is this?
Captain Price: Prisoner 6-2-7. I'm coming for you, Makarov.
Makarov: Haven't you heard, Price? They say the war is over.
Price: My war ends with you.
Makarov: Like it ended for Captain MacTavish? Tell me, Price: how long did it take him to die? I've destroyed your world piece by piece. It's only a matter of time until I find you.
Price: You won't have to look far...

E insomma: il tizio che cancella una metropoli in medio-oriente e spazza via  30.000 soldati americani con una bomba atomica, che fa scoppiare la 3° guerra mondiale, che rade al suolo la costa occidentale degli Usa, che rade al suolo l'Europa e che ammazza migliaia di civili con un attacco dai..merita una menzione...
oppure no?